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Monday, November 20, 2006

First step is the hardest...

Starting something is the hardest thing to do... To continue it is easier , natural.
I want everyone to know the struggle I have been through in my attempts to be rich. I haven't yet but I sure will...
Don't ask me what means to be rich because I don't know , this acception of beeing rich changes every day.
Look at this pile of money . Do you feel it is enough , would it make you happy ? For some this could be a small treasure , for others pocket money and maybe for most young people having them would be a dream.
For me it's nothing of these feelings... I really don't care I want to have enough money to live my entire life without worrying.
Since I don't know how I am going to exactly live my life and what will be my expectations I can say that making as much as possible is the best thing and then take a short break and wonder if it is enough.
I haven't gotten to the point of wondering if I am done making money and thinking about the next steps in my life !
I bet many are in my situation.



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