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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An ordinary day in my life !

I wake up I start my pc and after 15 hrs I close it an go to sleep because I am to tired.
The reason ? I want to be rich and only by work I can achieve this it doesn't matter if I steal , have a real business or just work.

My personal opinion about success : Work like a sclave and dream like a king !

Results : 4000 USD in the last 2 days from forex.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Past and future income :)

Last year - 2006 I earned about 100.000 USD from what I did online , let's hope this year brings at least the same or why not even more :)
Only time can tell . I will let you know in 2008 .

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The first scam I took :)

Today I've just been scammed in an online purchase... What can I say that is life but I could have sworn that this wouldn't happen to me .. still it did: )

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Why did I quit scamming ?

I have received this question in my email today. There are many reasons ... one and the most important that money couldn't be earned so easy like in the old days.
Second because this puts a limit to the oportunities that exist in life , there are many other things that could get us more money than doing this.
Examples ? : Forex , bets , advertising , having a real online shop :) , stocks and altough it sounds funny : having a job could get you more money .
Most of the people that did scams never thought at their future and now they must face it and have no ideea what to do.
Another email I received told me that I am on the right path with forex and he also trades forex and has quit his job. He makes now about 100.000 USD a month ... Much , not just much AMAZING compared to what we earned from scams.
The amusing part is that he works a whole lot less than you.
I received many emails asking me about a place where they could get real forex signals and earn money by following the advices of a pro.
I PROMISE that I will look for one and all you would have to do is just deposit money in your account and follow simple and easy instructions.


Now I will answer to anoher question : How did I scam ?

I listed auctions on everything but mostly on ebay and had an online phone number and also bank accounts in most of the countries. I set up a fake escrow site or just a scam email from ebay and that did the trick.
Now even the first step is so hard that most can't do it:) Listing auctions on ebay is a tricky thing and now most of the fake ones get suspended , however I still now some people that keep them on ebay until the end.
The online market is cleaning of scammers but this is a consequence of the fact that people that knew to scam told others and the word spread out and everybody was scamming.
If people would have kept what they knew a secret I would still be scamming today:))
In my opinion online scams started from Nigeria which hosts few smart people in online scams but most don't even know english.
However this is the case of scammers in Romania. Look at this email :

" Sir Dear, Our product is brand new and has all the papers and accesoriess.
It have also warranty (internationaly). If full that you are ready to do bussines will have to utilize a sure way of transaction.
We we do not accept the escrow, Paypal, Billpoint or the COD for payment.
We accepts the western payment of Union( and for the shipment we will utilize UPS service (www. UPS. com)
I am working for a company of the smoll Only to distributor and not desire to free time with the other way of from here I am the steps of the I distribute:
1. You will have to send me the money way the western union and to answer me with the MTCN number.
MTCN is the number of the control of the transferencia of the money of the western union.
2. eleven i will receive the MTCN we delver of the will you the product way the UPS in 2-3 days.
After receiving the product you will have 2 days to verify the product and if you it is not satisfied has to send it behind and you will have a reembolso complete of its money upon 24 hours.
Also, I will need its melena full and the direction for the company of shipment.
Our will pay all the fees of the shipment and of direction and also the insurance of package.

My details :
First name:/Last name : (for legal reasons I will not disclose the scammers name)
City : Rm.Valcea
Zip : 1000
Country : Romania
I wait reply from you!
Best regards


How could you fall for this ? Well I think some do fall otherwise nobody would spend countless hrs in front of their pc !

I wish you a pleasant weekend and keep in touch the next week :)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scamming in the PAST and NOW

I remember the first times scamming appeared... I guess all started on which is one of the most successfull businesses in the world.
A few years ago money were earned so easy. I used to send 2-3 emails MAXIMUM and received a MTCN . Our problem was that we were kids and we didn't work constantly.
If we would have done that now we would have had our entire life arranged but when you are young you don't think of the future ... you just see the present and try to enjoy it as much as possible.
Time has passed and now we wonder why we have lost , probably , our only chance to get rich... Let's be honest most of us don't know anything besides scamming and have limited knowledges even in this domain also.
The time in which everyone , I mean everyone wrote an email and earned 500-1000 USD passed and now it's competition even in the scamming domain but that's life...
To many people on earth and not all can be happy , rich or healty. Some have all and others have only one of these. Still people try to progress.
Now in the city where I lived people are complaining all the time that online scamming isn't profitable anymore and many sell their cars and just wait for a miracle.
This is what most haven't understood. Online scamming wasn't a full time job ... It was only a part time job and we blew it. Time has passed and now we need to move on.
People who scammed online had good money in the past and got used to living like they would rule the world.
Life proved it wasn't like this and I was anticipating this. Now the worst is to come. In Romania online infractionality helped reducing the conventional crimes ( like robberies , stealing and other violences ). Now when people are left without money they will start doing this.
As I have heard some are selling drugs and this is only a part of them ... most are still trying to scam people online.
Who knows what will they do next but they must do something ... none can live without making at least several $.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The road to success is always under construction !

It was good , now when I remember I see myself smilling.
I don't want to lie , I was really happy and didn't care that much of what I did except how I could repeat it , because as you sure know money are spent easily not earned easily.
I started working harder and harder on trying to scam more people. From that moment , I had plans , I had greater expectations from my future knowing I could really change my life in a way I never dreamt.
The problem what that I was at the beginning and not earning that much , I think about 1000- 1500 EUR a month ( my share - 50% out of what I did ) but hey I was still earning more than most people of my age or older here in Romania.
Sometimes I still felt sorry for the people I scammed but with time this became only a job and I did it with all my heart :)
Yes one can succeed if it invests not only time and money but passion in his actions !
When I moved from my home city to go and study ( university ) I had received from my parents a car and a one room flat but they weren't paid in full.
The first money I received I tried to pay them and make sure that everything I own is what I deserve and my own.
Those were hard times but my girlfriend stuck next to me and helped me in everything and we are now a little better than other ... however I still think it's room for a better life.
But to all the people that think that money were made easy online keep this in mind : IT'S NOT TRUE I WORKED EVEN HARDER THAN MOST OF YOU DO AT WORK.
I spent countless hours in front of my pc sacrificing my youth , my education ... yes I quit school but I pursue my dream : living a wealthy life with my gf.
And still this wasn't enough because all the money I had I paid debts and invested them to reach a certain safety level. I made some small real estate investments and now I am a living my life stress-free.
I don't dream millions but I dream of not mentioning the word money in my life. I still have to work to reach this dream but I sure will someday if not I will try all my life... afterall I don't have anything better to do :)
Now when I look around I feel happy that I haven't spent my money on foolish things because most of the people that earned from online scams don't have anything now and even worse are used with a wealthy life they can't support.
Getting rich is a thing that must be achieved with baby steps !

Sunday, December 31, 2006

My first SCAM !

"Hoping that this new year leads you towards path of new found glories"

A New Year has started , my first fresh year without scamming anyone !
I hope it stays this way. Since I have started I received about 100 emails some encouraging telling me I am doing the right thing ,
some blaiming me for what I did in the past BUT most of them required advices on purchases online.
I am happy I helped people to avoid lossing their money on fake online purchases !

I remember when I started the market was fairly free ... not to many scammers online and there was room for me.
I worked with a friend... we got lucky the first day.. In I think about 3 hrs we convinced someone to send the money ( 800 USD )
using Western Union for a laptop.
I was so happy but so afraid at the same time... I thought we were going to get caught soon after but it didn't happen that way :)
We didn't cashout the money ourselves we had somebody in France , I think that time , who was doing that for us and taking his share.
Those money came at the perfect moment but for money the moments are always perfect.
From that moment I knew my life was going to change altough I was really really scared a few days after thinking of how somebody would
knock at my door and take me to prison. What can I say I was young and a newbie.
I still wanted to go on because I knew this was going to be a good oportunity for me and I did but on my own , my friend didn't want to continue
This was the first step of my life when I started to change.