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Monday, November 20, 2006

7 years ... the begin or the end in my life ?

I had to go with my parents and move in another city... I really hated this and actually since I didn't see that much my parents until that age I didn't care about them and wanted to stay with my grandparents where my entire life was. This wasn't possible and my parents almost kidnapped me :) I didn't want to go.
This is where I took the first life lesson : The small don't matter and only the big ones are taken in consideration and influence everybody's lives.
Arriving back to my new " home city " I made new friends and started a new life which I hated at the beginning and later I didn't care that much but I waitted for the summer holiday to go back to my grandparents and meet with my old friends.
With time I also got to view other aspects in my new life that in the past didn't exist. I actually wonder myself why did they get together and actually I was the one that got the answer:) They don't even know if I ask them now... Both aren't competitive in life and are afraid of acomplishing big things and beeing together they can blaim eachother that they aren't supported to accomplish their dreams.
My god when I think I really wonder if I should have been born :)) because my parents shouldn't be together.
Time has passed and the fact that they didn't get along very well has leaved me signs which at that time I haven't realised but now I know that maybe these things have made me what I am ...
Amazing idea the blogging ... it's the only place I can say everything I need to be known and don't think of any consequences.

Well back to writting... I think I wasn't motivated by anyone to obtain performance besides school which I felt from the beginning it wasn't the solution for me :) Yes I have psychic powers :)
The domain in which I needed motivation and help was making money ... lots of money but I guess people can't find mentors in this domain , not even in their parents. Everybody that made the money , it doesn't matter how , it's enjoying them...
By some people's standards I am not good in anything in life because school is everything :) Fake !!! Read and keep this in mind all your life :
*** “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” ***
Well school has continued its course and I also followed it:) School was fun only the learning was boring. Now if I think I haven't learnt much from school . I already knew how to read and write since I was 6 ( that is because of my grandma :D )
I entered highschool and during all this time I wasn't considering that it was my duty to make money , this was the parents problem. But they weren't taking it seriously and didn't consider this a priority. Boy , they were and still are wrong.
Regarding generation progress in Romania I have a concept :
"One generation must steal ( do illegal businesses ) and the next must learn if they want to remain competitive "
This has offered many romanian people the guarantee of beeing successful in no matter what type of conditions : they have the money and their children the knowledges. Money & knowledges = power , correct ?
In my case the parents weren't stealing this means they were the generation that learnt and this is correct , they had excellent results in school and in university.
What was I suppose to do ? Follow their path and learn ? I could have done that but I didn't feel it was the right thing for me to do.
Please note that the city in which I grew from 7 years was a small city but with very high predisposition to illegal and fast money making activities. I don't say it was a city in which violence and robberies were common , none of these usually happened , people made money in more discrete ways.
One of the most successful was internet scamming and this will continue for a long time. I guess someone from my age could work in this like in a real job for 30-40 years and then retire :) Interesting way of living no ?
For people in developed countries this could be interesting but in Romania it was the best way to get rid of poverty and furthermore this was only for young people.
Romania had 2 amazing chances of getting rich :
1) after the revolution 1989 (when Ceausescu was killed - thing which I consider blamable ). This was meant for adults only who smuggled stuff from countries arround.
2) internet scamms which started arougd 1997 and another cool thing was that no law existed for it. This was the train to a GOOD life for the young people . Some were from the beginning , others joined later but during all these years some were also taken down...
Well that should be all for the moment , think if your country has ever had any oportunities like these and would you have taken advantage of them ?
We will continue , be sure !



Blogger Bella said...

In my oppinion after the revolution, the best way to get rich was stealing from the state, of course this could happen if you had a strong relationship with the new goverment. After the supposed revolution it came democracy which was a new way for the comunism to rule and to make fortune. The politicians got rich by ripping off the state: factories, lands, companies all were bought by them at small prices. Everything that the state owned (and it was a lot) is now owned by Romanian politicians. And of course none of them are in jail for robbery. They are all enjoing their fortune.

November 21, 2006 at 4:03:00 AM PST  
Blogger Unknown 4 Ever said...

Thanks for the information... This is what all visitors should do !

November 23, 2006 at 3:44:00 AM PST  

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