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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back to my story...

I have watched some of my friends making money out of internet scamming and didn't approve with them but that was going to change...
They made a lot of money and if they would have invested it then now their future would have been without any worries.. but they didn't
Who knows why ? Maybe they were young , maybe because they didn't have so much money they wanted to have fun and buy all the things that missed in their entire life or considered this source of money would never be gone... Yes it's a source of money not anything bad this is what I consider it.
Some receive money from their parents , some work and some make them in other ways. There is another category which studies and waits for money to come only in a few years ( talking about beeing patient , no ? :) ) .
I don't want to judge anyone but people should consider that making money faster is a way to getting close to your dreams.
Going to continue this later.... now I got to get back to work



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