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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First confessions !

Yesterday I told eBay that I was a scam and all they could tell me was :

" Thank you for notifying us . Is there anything else I could assist you ? "

This is kind of interesting to see how eBay reacts at fraud. I guess all scams should have on their site : " powered by ebay " logos.

Today I have told some members on eBay chat that I was a scam... Well few blamed me for what I did and said that I have quit because police was knocking at my door...
That is far from the truth I just felt it was the moment for a change in my life. Others just seemed amused and asked me different questions what I sold and how I did it .
In the end it all turned into a big joke and I was out of there. Actually people don't care that much about online scamming it's considered a normal thing for them.
This atitude makes things go on , some people raise large amounts of money and others loose it...
It's the way of life...


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