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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The problems our country has with scammers...

Somebody told me that the scammers have affected our country's view in the world and that honest sellers aren't even taken in consideration when one wants to buy something online.
This could be a problem but a very small... I don't imagine what they sell would be very highly valuable and thus it is not important. Yes high money value is important in life for anything we do.
I know that the online scams were more profitable for the country I reside in than many of the other businesses. This is why our country developed a in faster pace.
All these monies reflected in economy so this is good , no ?
I really want to change this now and help people not getting scammed anymore. Scamming is a bad thing but it is important who and why it does it.
Most people do it and then they spend their money in a foolish way. These money should be invested to assure us a good life when this will also be over.
Please consider scamming as getting a highly paid job or winning a small prize in lottery. Some countries have these options others don't.
Now I have something to attend to but later we will discuss about the type of crimes suitable for young people... I mean this sounds bad but you will see I will make it funny ;)
If you have anything to tell me please drop me a line : or in the comments area.
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