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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The road to success is always under construction !

It was good , now when I remember I see myself smilling.
I don't want to lie , I was really happy and didn't care that much of what I did except how I could repeat it , because as you sure know money are spent easily not earned easily.
I started working harder and harder on trying to scam more people. From that moment , I had plans , I had greater expectations from my future knowing I could really change my life in a way I never dreamt.
The problem what that I was at the beginning and not earning that much , I think about 1000- 1500 EUR a month ( my share - 50% out of what I did ) but hey I was still earning more than most people of my age or older here in Romania.
Sometimes I still felt sorry for the people I scammed but with time this became only a job and I did it with all my heart :)
Yes one can succeed if it invests not only time and money but passion in his actions !
When I moved from my home city to go and study ( university ) I had received from my parents a car and a one room flat but they weren't paid in full.
The first money I received I tried to pay them and make sure that everything I own is what I deserve and my own.
Those were hard times but my girlfriend stuck next to me and helped me in everything and we are now a little better than other ... however I still think it's room for a better life.
But to all the people that think that money were made easy online keep this in mind : IT'S NOT TRUE I WORKED EVEN HARDER THAN MOST OF YOU DO AT WORK.
I spent countless hours in front of my pc sacrificing my youth , my education ... yes I quit school but I pursue my dream : living a wealthy life with my gf.
And still this wasn't enough because all the money I had I paid debts and invested them to reach a certain safety level. I made some small real estate investments and now I am a living my life stress-free.
I don't dream millions but I dream of not mentioning the word money in my life. I still have to work to reach this dream but I sure will someday if not I will try all my life... afterall I don't have anything better to do :)
Now when I look around I feel happy that I haven't spent my money on foolish things because most of the people that earned from online scams don't have anything now and even worse are used with a wealthy life they can't support.
Getting rich is a thing that must be achieved with baby steps !


Anonymous Kefira said...

Great work.

November 11, 2008 at 11:08:00 PM PST  

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