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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scamming in the PAST and NOW

I remember the first times scamming appeared... I guess all started on which is one of the most successfull businesses in the world.
A few years ago money were earned so easy. I used to send 2-3 emails MAXIMUM and received a MTCN . Our problem was that we were kids and we didn't work constantly.
If we would have done that now we would have had our entire life arranged but when you are young you don't think of the future ... you just see the present and try to enjoy it as much as possible.
Time has passed and now we wonder why we have lost , probably , our only chance to get rich... Let's be honest most of us don't know anything besides scamming and have limited knowledges even in this domain also.
The time in which everyone , I mean everyone wrote an email and earned 500-1000 USD passed and now it's competition even in the scamming domain but that's life...
To many people on earth and not all can be happy , rich or healty. Some have all and others have only one of these. Still people try to progress.
Now in the city where I lived people are complaining all the time that online scamming isn't profitable anymore and many sell their cars and just wait for a miracle.
This is what most haven't understood. Online scamming wasn't a full time job ... It was only a part time job and we blew it. Time has passed and now we need to move on.
People who scammed online had good money in the past and got used to living like they would rule the world.
Life proved it wasn't like this and I was anticipating this. Now the worst is to come. In Romania online infractionality helped reducing the conventional crimes ( like robberies , stealing and other violences ). Now when people are left without money they will start doing this.
As I have heard some are selling drugs and this is only a part of them ... most are still trying to scam people online.
Who knows what will they do next but they must do something ... none can live without making at least several $.


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