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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Why did I quit scamming ?

I have received this question in my email today. There are many reasons ... one and the most important that money couldn't be earned so easy like in the old days.
Second because this puts a limit to the oportunities that exist in life , there are many other things that could get us more money than doing this.
Examples ? : Forex , bets , advertising , having a real online shop :) , stocks and altough it sounds funny : having a job could get you more money .
Most of the people that did scams never thought at their future and now they must face it and have no ideea what to do.
Another email I received told me that I am on the right path with forex and he also trades forex and has quit his job. He makes now about 100.000 USD a month ... Much , not just much AMAZING compared to what we earned from scams.
The amusing part is that he works a whole lot less than you.
I received many emails asking me about a place where they could get real forex signals and earn money by following the advices of a pro.
I PROMISE that I will look for one and all you would have to do is just deposit money in your account and follow simple and easy instructions.


Now I will answer to anoher question : How did I scam ?

I listed auctions on everything but mostly on ebay and had an online phone number and also bank accounts in most of the countries. I set up a fake escrow site or just a scam email from ebay and that did the trick.
Now even the first step is so hard that most can't do it:) Listing auctions on ebay is a tricky thing and now most of the fake ones get suspended , however I still now some people that keep them on ebay until the end.
The online market is cleaning of scammers but this is a consequence of the fact that people that knew to scam told others and the word spread out and everybody was scamming.
If people would have kept what they knew a secret I would still be scamming today:))
In my opinion online scams started from Nigeria which hosts few smart people in online scams but most don't even know english.
However this is the case of scammers in Romania. Look at this email :

" Sir Dear, Our product is brand new and has all the papers and accesoriess.
It have also warranty (internationaly). If full that you are ready to do bussines will have to utilize a sure way of transaction.
We we do not accept the escrow, Paypal, Billpoint or the COD for payment.
We accepts the western payment of Union( and for the shipment we will utilize UPS service (www. UPS. com)
I am working for a company of the smoll Only to distributor and not desire to free time with the other way of from here I am the steps of the I distribute:
1. You will have to send me the money way the western union and to answer me with the MTCN number.
MTCN is the number of the control of the transferencia of the money of the western union.
2. eleven i will receive the MTCN we delver of the will you the product way the UPS in 2-3 days.
After receiving the product you will have 2 days to verify the product and if you it is not satisfied has to send it behind and you will have a reembolso complete of its money upon 24 hours.
Also, I will need its melena full and the direction for the company of shipment.
Our will pay all the fees of the shipment and of direction and also the insurance of package.

My details :
First name:/Last name : (for legal reasons I will not disclose the scammers name)
City : Rm.Valcea
Zip : 1000
Country : Romania
I wait reply from you!
Best regards


How could you fall for this ? Well I think some do fall otherwise nobody would spend countless hrs in front of their pc !

I wish you a pleasant weekend and keep in touch the next week :)


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