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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am starting to get emails , that is cool !

Money are made hard and it is your right to enjoy them !

Today I got an email from somebody that had 2 problems with online scammers. I am very sorry for him and hope he never falls again in anything. I am willing to help all the buyers in their online purchases and take a look at the auction and see if it is real.


What I can say is avoid Western Union transfers and furthermore the new scam is by convincing people to make the Western Union transfer online using the credit card.
This is giving people a false sense of security but be carefuly it is not like this. Chargebacks won't work !
Keep in mind that Western Union or Money Gram is the same thing ... NO DIFFERENCE !


The biggest scam in my life !

Now let's get to serious confesions:)

I guess the biggest amount of money I have taken in my life online is around 10k , it may seem a big amount but I consider it isn't. One of the reasons I think this is because I have read about many people who got scammed of larger amounts and also some people I know prettended to have taken larger sums... I don't know if these are true but I sure now that 10k is not the highest score possible.
During these holidays I know that PS3 is the most wanted product and ofcourse the most sold product. Some people I know told me that if they post a PS3 on ebay they would sure sell it.
This is why I posted the add to attract your attention and avoid loosing your money.
Don't think that only products are the places where you can get scammed. You can get scammed in programs that lie to you how to get rich , how to make money , earn money , make money from home , Make $2,000 A Day At Home and many like these.
Look in the left side on my site and you will find a lot of them. Click on any of them and you will see many scams and many ways to persuade people.
If these were real why would they advertise...... Just think for a minute. If you have your own money factory you don't have to advertise to convince people to follow you.... they would have to pay.
Well this is modern scamming and this is worse than selling products. Here they sell hopes and many people quit their jobs. That is bad. If you get scammed for a product you don't quit your job, you will work harder and recover the money , but if you quit your job and hope to live only by following a stupid program just puts you in an impossible situation.
Click on the links and you will see , email them , call them and look how they lie.....

Monday, November 27, 2006

The PS3 ad is not for sale !

I just posted that to make you read my blog because I am sure you are searching for bargains on this and many of you are getting scammed !
This was just a warn sign !
I will continue writting in about a day or two.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Now I sit and think

While I am trying to make known to people my blog and the services I offer I realised that there are many scams online to be done , not only auction scams.
I realise that some have more potential than others but each requires certain abilities...
Nowdays famous are the love and marriage scams. I read some people made in about a year arround a million USD. That is nice many people dream of this sum. I still dream of it but maybe I will have it... If not my dreams will die with me :)
I still try to understand how other scams work to inform the people that may be victims how to avoid beeing ripped-off. If you have any suggestion for me drop me a line.....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The problems our country has with scammers...

Somebody told me that the scammers have affected our country's view in the world and that honest sellers aren't even taken in consideration when one wants to buy something online.
This could be a problem but a very small... I don't imagine what they sell would be very highly valuable and thus it is not important. Yes high money value is important in life for anything we do.
I know that the online scams were more profitable for the country I reside in than many of the other businesses. This is why our country developed a in faster pace.
All these monies reflected in economy so this is good , no ?
I really want to change this now and help people not getting scammed anymore. Scamming is a bad thing but it is important who and why it does it.
Most people do it and then they spend their money in a foolish way. These money should be invested to assure us a good life when this will also be over.
Please consider scamming as getting a highly paid job or winning a small prize in lottery. Some countries have these options others don't.
Now I have something to attend to but later we will discuss about the type of crimes suitable for young people... I mean this sounds bad but you will see I will make it funny ;)
If you have anything to tell me please drop me a line : or in the comments area.
NOTE : If you have doubts about an online purchase let me know and I will try to assist.

First support email !

I have received my first support email from . It seems they are taking things seriously not like ebay.
Trust me one thing that was impossible to crack was .
If you want a safe transaction online choose an escrow service but only a legit one.


First confessions !

Yesterday I told eBay that I was a scam and all they could tell me was :

" Thank you for notifying us . Is there anything else I could assist you ? "

This is kind of interesting to see how eBay reacts at fraud. I guess all scams should have on their site : " powered by ebay " logos.

Today I have told some members on eBay chat that I was a scam... Well few blamed me for what I did and said that I have quit because police was knocking at my door...
That is far from the truth I just felt it was the moment for a change in my life. Others just seemed amused and asked me different questions what I sold and how I did it .
In the end it all turned into a big joke and I was out of there. Actually people don't care that much about online scamming it's considered a normal thing for them.
This atitude makes things go on , some people raise large amounts of money and others loose it...
It's the way of life...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back to my story...

I have watched some of my friends making money out of internet scamming and didn't approve with them but that was going to change...
They made a lot of money and if they would have invested it then now their future would have been without any worries.. but they didn't
Who knows why ? Maybe they were young , maybe because they didn't have so much money they wanted to have fun and buy all the things that missed in their entire life or considered this source of money would never be gone... Yes it's a source of money not anything bad this is what I consider it.
Some receive money from their parents , some work and some make them in other ways. There is another category which studies and waits for money to come only in a few years ( talking about beeing patient , no ? :) ) .
I don't want to judge anyone but people should consider that making money faster is a way to getting close to your dreams.
Going to continue this later.... now I got to get back to work



This is why I am here , to help you identify scams and don't loose your money.
Besides this you can ask me information on anything else including earning money online...
I have quit online scamming but not making money online :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

7 years ... the begin or the end in my life ?

I had to go with my parents and move in another city... I really hated this and actually since I didn't see that much my parents until that age I didn't care about them and wanted to stay with my grandparents where my entire life was. This wasn't possible and my parents almost kidnapped me :) I didn't want to go.
This is where I took the first life lesson : The small don't matter and only the big ones are taken in consideration and influence everybody's lives.
Arriving back to my new " home city " I made new friends and started a new life which I hated at the beginning and later I didn't care that much but I waitted for the summer holiday to go back to my grandparents and meet with my old friends.
With time I also got to view other aspects in my new life that in the past didn't exist. I actually wonder myself why did they get together and actually I was the one that got the answer:) They don't even know if I ask them now... Both aren't competitive in life and are afraid of acomplishing big things and beeing together they can blaim eachother that they aren't supported to accomplish their dreams.
My god when I think I really wonder if I should have been born :)) because my parents shouldn't be together.
Time has passed and the fact that they didn't get along very well has leaved me signs which at that time I haven't realised but now I know that maybe these things have made me what I am ...
Amazing idea the blogging ... it's the only place I can say everything I need to be known and don't think of any consequences.

Well back to writting... I think I wasn't motivated by anyone to obtain performance besides school which I felt from the beginning it wasn't the solution for me :) Yes I have psychic powers :)
The domain in which I needed motivation and help was making money ... lots of money but I guess people can't find mentors in this domain , not even in their parents. Everybody that made the money , it doesn't matter how , it's enjoying them...
By some people's standards I am not good in anything in life because school is everything :) Fake !!! Read and keep this in mind all your life :
*** “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” ***
Well school has continued its course and I also followed it:) School was fun only the learning was boring. Now if I think I haven't learnt much from school . I already knew how to read and write since I was 6 ( that is because of my grandma :D )
I entered highschool and during all this time I wasn't considering that it was my duty to make money , this was the parents problem. But they weren't taking it seriously and didn't consider this a priority. Boy , they were and still are wrong.
Regarding generation progress in Romania I have a concept :
"One generation must steal ( do illegal businesses ) and the next must learn if they want to remain competitive "
This has offered many romanian people the guarantee of beeing successful in no matter what type of conditions : they have the money and their children the knowledges. Money & knowledges = power , correct ?
In my case the parents weren't stealing this means they were the generation that learnt and this is correct , they had excellent results in school and in university.
What was I suppose to do ? Follow their path and learn ? I could have done that but I didn't feel it was the right thing for me to do.
Please note that the city in which I grew from 7 years was a small city but with very high predisposition to illegal and fast money making activities. I don't say it was a city in which violence and robberies were common , none of these usually happened , people made money in more discrete ways.
One of the most successful was internet scamming and this will continue for a long time. I guess someone from my age could work in this like in a real job for 30-40 years and then retire :) Interesting way of living no ?
For people in developed countries this could be interesting but in Romania it was the best way to get rid of poverty and furthermore this was only for young people.
Romania had 2 amazing chances of getting rich :
1) after the revolution 1989 (when Ceausescu was killed - thing which I consider blamable ). This was meant for adults only who smuggled stuff from countries arround.
2) internet scamms which started arougd 1997 and another cool thing was that no law existed for it. This was the train to a GOOD life for the young people . Some were from the beginning , others joined later but during all these years some were also taken down...
Well that should be all for the moment , think if your country has ever had any oportunities like these and would you have taken advantage of them ?
We will continue , be sure !


Passing through my life

I want to guide you shortly through my life... The first parts aren't interesting but can predict my future:) I guess it is kind of like in forex ( I started trading forex ) :D .

Until I got 7 years old I lived with my grandparents and was happy. Then I knew it was a good time in my life but now I realised it was the best .
* The stories about my present , past and maybe predicting future :) will be mixed since I really consider that feeling don't come in a certain order they flow. *
One of my main considerations in having a good life is represented by the money ( normally everone thinks of this ) but I think more and struggle more than others to obtain them :) He , he , he what can I say I am perseverent. This is what my girlfriend says at least.
Let's get back to the time spent with my grandparents... I can't say more besides the fact that I was a normal child with normal expectations ... go to school have many friends and play all day.
I remember that most of the time was spent playing in a forest around where I lived. I can even remember it was so beautiful I really wish to turn back time only for this.
Everything was good and days were passing without any stress until it was time for me to go to school... 7 years


First step is the hardest...

Starting something is the hardest thing to do... To continue it is easier , natural.
I want everyone to know the struggle I have been through in my attempts to be rich. I haven't yet but I sure will...
Don't ask me what means to be rich because I don't know , this acception of beeing rich changes every day.
Look at this pile of money . Do you feel it is enough , would it make you happy ? For some this could be a small treasure , for others pocket money and maybe for most young people having them would be a dream.
For me it's nothing of these feelings... I really don't care I want to have enough money to live my entire life without worrying.
Since I don't know how I am going to exactly live my life and what will be my expectations I can say that making as much as possible is the best thing and then take a short break and wonder if it is enough.
I haven't gotten to the point of wondering if I am done making money and thinking about the next steps in my life !
I bet many are in my situation.