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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My first SCAM !

"Hoping that this new year leads you towards path of new found glories"

A New Year has started , my first fresh year without scamming anyone !
I hope it stays this way. Since I have started I received about 100 emails some encouraging telling me I am doing the right thing ,
some blaiming me for what I did in the past BUT most of them required advices on purchases online.
I am happy I helped people to avoid lossing their money on fake online purchases !

I remember when I started the market was fairly free ... not to many scammers online and there was room for me.
I worked with a friend... we got lucky the first day.. In I think about 3 hrs we convinced someone to send the money ( 800 USD )
using Western Union for a laptop.
I was so happy but so afraid at the same time... I thought we were going to get caught soon after but it didn't happen that way :)
We didn't cashout the money ourselves we had somebody in France , I think that time , who was doing that for us and taking his share.
Those money came at the perfect moment but for money the moments are always perfect.
From that moment I knew my life was going to change altough I was really really scared a few days after thinking of how somebody would
knock at my door and take me to prison. What can I say I was young and a newbie.
I still wanted to go on because I knew this was going to be a good oportunity for me and I did but on my own , my friend didn't want to continue
This was the first step of my life when I started to change.



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