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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The biggest scam in my life !

Now let's get to serious confesions:)

I guess the biggest amount of money I have taken in my life online is around 10k , it may seem a big amount but I consider it isn't. One of the reasons I think this is because I have read about many people who got scammed of larger amounts and also some people I know prettended to have taken larger sums... I don't know if these are true but I sure now that 10k is not the highest score possible.
During these holidays I know that PS3 is the most wanted product and ofcourse the most sold product. Some people I know told me that if they post a PS3 on ebay they would sure sell it.
This is why I posted the add to attract your attention and avoid loosing your money.
Don't think that only products are the places where you can get scammed. You can get scammed in programs that lie to you how to get rich , how to make money , earn money , make money from home , Make $2,000 A Day At Home and many like these.
Look in the left side on my site and you will find a lot of them. Click on any of them and you will see many scams and many ways to persuade people.
If these were real why would they advertise...... Just think for a minute. If you have your own money factory you don't have to advertise to convince people to follow you.... they would have to pay.
Well this is modern scamming and this is worse than selling products. Here they sell hopes and many people quit their jobs. That is bad. If you get scammed for a product you don't quit your job, you will work harder and recover the money , but if you quit your job and hope to live only by following a stupid program just puts you in an impossible situation.
Click on the links and you will see , email them , call them and look how they lie.....


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